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Probiotics are the friendly bacteria and yeast that live in your digestive tract. These bacteria play an important role in keeping you healthy. Dr. Yepuri will frequently include probiotics in his blog articles and describe when it is best to consider probiotics benefitting a symptom or condition.

Unfortunately, probiotics are not going to help everyone and they should be avoided by patients with severe illness or autoimmune disease. Probiotics may lessen some of your gastrointestinal symptoms, provided you take the right strain or strains of bacteria.Certainly, probiotics are worth giving a shot as an inexpensive method of improving your health. Your gastroenterologist can help you find the right probiotics that best suit your health goals.

The Healthy Gut Diet

Nourish Your Gut Microbes For Better Digestive Health Have you ever walked into a restaurant and said, “Table for 100 trillion, please?” I’m going to assume not. But I propose that we need to start thinking this way! With this thinking, you’ll realize that you aren’t just eating for one anymore. You’re eating for the


Surprising Benefits of Probiotics: A Gastroenterologist’s Perspective

Probiotics are everywhere – are they all they’re cracked up to be? As a gastroenterologist, more and more of my Fort Worth, TX area patients ask me about the benefits of probiotics. Probiotics can be found naturally in fermented foods, but they are also infused into specific yogurt, yogurt drinks and packed into dietary supplements