During the holiday season, many of us in the Fort Worth, TX area succumb to over indulging in foods and spirits with family, friends and co-workers. To help avoid the holiday heartburn that many of us experience this time of year, Dr. Yepuri has created a list of recommendations that can help with heartburn and reflux.

10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Heartburn

  1. Start holiday meals earlier. Try not to eat right before sleeping.
  2. Enjoy some nuts before your meal. They help to combat heartburn.
  3. Limit alcohol consumption.
  4. Don’t smoke and go light on or completely forego dessert.
  5. Avoid being heavy handed with seasonings.
  6. Eat slowly.
  7. Drink water versus soda or juice.
  8. Serve light appetizers and eat on smaller plates
  9. Think twice before repeatedly popping over the counter heartburn medications known as “PPIs” or Proton Pump Inhibitors. Over time, they can cause dementia, infertility in men, pneumonia, impaired calcium absorption and increased stroke risk.
  10. See your GI doctor. If you experience heartburn twice or more per week, you might actually have GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.