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Hemorrhoids are a very common and experienced by half of the population by the age of 50. Dr. Yepuri discusses the types of hemorrhoids, symptoms, causes and treatment options in these articles.

Hemorrhoid FAQs

Hemorrhoids are a sensitive and oftentimes uncomfortable topic, yet many of us either have or will deal with hemorrhoidal symptoms at least once during our lives. Here we’ll tackle the most frequently asked questions I get at my gastroenterology clinic in Bedford, TX regarding hemorrhoids and how to handle them. For more in-depth information on


6 Reasons to see a Gastroenterologist

If you’re struggling with digestive issues in the Fort Worth, TX area you might be wondering if you need to see a digestive health specialist, called a Gastroenterologist (or GI doctor).  In most cases, my recommendation to those experiencing stomach pain or other digestive symptoms is to see your primary doctor first so they