As a gastroenterologist, I am often asked nutrition related questions by patients seeking better health or weight loss. As a result, I created an article that details what I believe to be the fundamentals of a gut healthy diet.

Now I want to take things a step further by showing how these fundamentals can be applied to restaurant menus. My goal isn’t to change how you eat. Rather, I want to increase and broaden your knowledge of food and nutrition. As a result, you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of how dietary choices can positively and negatively affect your health.

Don’t worry – this won’t be a series of articles on a dozen ways to eat kale & spinach. I like hamburgers, pizza and BBQ just like most of you. Rather than telling you to completely avoid certain foods, I have collaborated with some DFW area nutritionists to educate you on various restaurant menus and provide healthier ideas on how to enjoy some of our favorite foods. In addition, we will highlight a few foods that you may not be aware of.

After reading the restaurant articles, if you come away with learning something new about food and a few DFW area restaurants – mission accomplished! As a GI doctor, I strive to provide my patients with knowledge to better their health. This goal often starts with a conversation about nutrition. I hope you enjoy the restaurant articles and I look forward to your comments.

DFW Restaurant Reviews

DFW is fortunate to have many healthy local and franchise restaurants to choose from. We will be evaluating new restaurants each month, so I encourage you to keep checking back to our blog or follow us on Facebook for updates.

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Health and Nutrition Experts

A special thanks to the professional nutritionists who collaborated with us on these articles for their knowledge and insight. Please use the ‘learn more’ links below to discover more about their background and services.